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Computer Room Management & Refurbishments

Computer or communication rooms are the critical centre of any business.  For this reason alone,  you need to ensure they are properly maintained with regular ‘check-ups’.

Wall mounted or stand-alone rack cabinets can become untidy very quickly without the right attention. Creative Networks can take your office cabinet and restore it to its former glory, with little fuss or disruption

Creative Network Systems typically perform the following:

  • Vacuuming of Comms rooms,  Access floors, comms cabinets and  server equipment.
  • Patch cable re-routing with the use of patch  management panels. This can be done after hour to minimise disruption.
  • Air conditioning services and maintenance. Hadware over heating during summer is usually a big problem , so maintaining proper air flow to all equipment is vital.
  • Cabinet and equipment removal.
  • Cable and computer survey/audits . Ensuring all labeling is correct and all cabling go to the correct locations.





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