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Communications Cabinets

Network cabinets are ideal for neatly containing your server and hardware in a controlled, protected environment. Creative Networks can supply 19” Communication/Rack/Data Cabinets in a range of sizes, styles, and colours to suit.

  • New and used
  • Suit all budgets
  • Stand alone or wall mounted
  • Supply, delivery, and installation

Creative Networks will supply and install new and/or used wall cabinets to suit your requirements.

A wall cabinet is typically seen in smaller networks – consisting of up to approx 200 outlets. With cabinets ranging from 6 rack through to 24 rack units, there is plenty of versatility.

Where space is limited, we are also able to mount them up high out of the way.

Alternatively, if you are moving premises, in most cases we can relocate your existing cabinets, saving you money.

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