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Eliminate downtime and maximise performance on your LAN

The team at Creative Network Systems are experts in installing, maintaining and repairing Local Area Network Systems.

We’ve networked all kinds of workspaces – from government buildings throuto industrial premises and corporate offices. Whether it’s an upgrade or an installation, we’ll tailor the product to suit your location, business goals, and budget.

Using only Australian approved cables and hardware, we’ll get you connected in record time – completing the work after hours and minimising the impact on your network.

Some things to concider when contemplating a new system are-

  • Raised or access floors
  • Cable trays under floor  or suspended from ceiling and cateenery wire.
  • Server and hardware racks and patching racks
  • PABX and IP  telephone system
  • Cable mamagement rails
  • UPS Uninterupted Power Supplies
  • Comms room power
  • Airconditioning
  • Lead-in cabling and optical fibre
  • Patch leads  
  • Labeling
  • Testing standards
  • Expansion

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