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Creative Network Systems consists of me, Nathan Rykers and although most work is performed by myself; I have a selection of key sub-contractors who have been chosen over the years to assist with various customer projects, this allows Creative Network Systems to offer large variety of services which most of my competitors aren’t able to deliver.

All projects are overseen by me on continuous basis and I usually work alongside my sub- contractors to ensure the project is delivered on time and to customer’s satisfaction.

At Creative Network Systems we are proud of our history and would encourage potential clients to review our testimonials and superb feedback.


Creative Network Systems predominately services greater Sydney area and all the way to Penrith and Wollongong. We perform work interstate for established customers.


Creative Network Systems are very versatile with the skills and ability to adapt quickly to projects that aren’t defined within a single scope, trade or service.

The products we use or on sell are of a high quality standard. We predominantly use product brands that we know work and have an above average life expectancy. If a client is on a tight budget, or the installation is only to be used temporarily we do offer the option to use material of lesser value.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Office network and infrastructure set up
• Server, communications and network hardware
• Data centers and multi-site projects
• Power and electrical
• Optical Fibre
• Cabling
• Computer room management
• Telephone systems

Below are recent projects we completed for our clients:

• ICT Local Area Network Infrastructure
• Server Hardware Installations
• Network Cabling Installations, moves, adds, changes
• LAN Design and Installation
• Communication cabinet installation, moves, adds, changes, removals
• Computer Room Management
• Raised Floor Services
• Cable Tray and Centenary Systems
• Optical Fibre Cabling Installation, repairs, testing, splicing
• Line Jumpering and Patching
• Pre-terminated fibre installations
• Office electrical; Office Workstation Power and Soft wire systems
• Network Structure audits trouble shooting, locating, testing, relabeling
• Media hardware installation, TV flat screens, projectors and sound systems
• PABX and Voice comms hardware installation and changes
• ICT room and cabinet overhaul (Live)
• Service provider identification, trouble shooting and relocations
• Office fax, modem, PSTN line testing, location and moves
• Building and Hi rise service cabling upgrades, adds and moves
• Ariel and over head network infrastructure installations
• Business equipment testing and trouble shooting, fax, phones, PC’s, routers, modems, printers
• Generated site plans and network infrastructure diagrams
• Office skirting duct installations, moves, adds and changes
• Line jumpering, ADSL testing, router configuration multi-site roll out
• Tested and certified copper and fibre cable networks


Creative Network Systems has a vehicle equipped with most power hand tools, ladders and appropriate equipment for installation of most customer network infrastructure.

Should we need to perform tasks that requires additional equipment, we source them through hire companies or third party contractors. This allows us to have access to current and maintained equipment of all types that are needed to undertake and complete any kind of project.


At Creative Network Systems 95% of our work is completed to a standard which exceeds competitor capabilities and exceeds customer expectations. We govern our procedures using Safe Work Method Statements which outline the standard and safety procedure for most work carried out on site.


Creative Network Systems are currently reviewing memberships with suitable professional associations.


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