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Creative Network Systems Pty Ltd is a Data cabling and associated infrustructure company based in Sydney. 

Creative Network Systems are wizards at installing, upgrading, troubleshooting, relocating or removing of Data and optical fiber cabling networks within Colocation, Data Center or on Premises enviroment. 


We understand the sensitivity of our customer Internet and communications equipment and ensure that all services are meticulously executed with zero disruptions.

Creative Network systems can   present as part of your team or independently, we commit to work seamlesly with managment staff and esure you customers , customers are treated with the oustanding customers service 

 we offer quality cabling and associated infrustructure services to all business within IT, ICT, Cloud managment , Managed IT, IT Consulting, Data Networking , Computer support and  Colocation management industry , we work transparently  with your management team, your customers and strive to  be second to none.


At Creative Network Systems we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a service which pays particular attention to a project and/or customer’s special needs.


At Creative Network Systems, our shared company vision is to be recognised by our customers as their best ICT service supplier for every business in Australia. Achieving that vision requires us to have a deep passion for excellence, a passion to exceed our customers' expectations at every opportunity.


Creative Network Systems provides access to a wide variety of markets. These days most businesses and/or organisations work with some type of voice and data network.

Creative Network Systems makes a significant contribution to the perceived customer benefits of the end product, slow and/or inefficient local area networks not only slow employee productivity but also raised overheads significantly.

Creative Network Systems have completed substantial optical fibre and network infrastructure projects for customers such as OLEX, VISCAS, TELSTRA, GLOBAL SWITCH, SYDNEY AIRPORT and ENERGY AUSTRALIA.

Our Services are difficult to imitate by competitors as our communication is second to none and our work ethics and attention to detail are higher than industry standards.


Office Network & Infrastructure Set Up                                                            Power & Electrical                   

Server Setup, Configurations & Relocations                                                     Telephone Systems                            

Server, Communications & Network Hardware                                                Optical Fibre  

Data Centres & Multi-Site Projects                                                                   Cabling


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